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Go Go Lynn? (part 7)
Oh no, Lynn was seen leaving the coffee shop with a new acquaintance she had just met, Oh boy,  when you visit another version of Earth, try not to get on the local news.  We're only used to super humans in movies and fantasy, how are these good town folk going to take to Lynn being as tough as she is?  I wonder what will happen next... more to come..

I hope you guys like these little sequences, it is "fast turn around art", meaning I can put out pages as fast as the ink can dry- but it's more sketchy/abstract kind of like story boarding.  If this was my job I would be drawing more formally but alas, that kind of time eludes me for now.  

( Sorry for the blotch up top- I started to erase pencils and there was a patch of wet ink on the border still.  Ah! but I do love the hand inked and washed traditional way of drawing pages..)
Go Go Lynn? (part 5)
And we're back with more sequences! We last saw Lynn getting some serious hang-time after Figit let go of the wagon and she flew down the hill and off the edge..  Sorry for the delay, and there are more pages coming...

It all started with Lynn at the coffee shop, and one thing lead to another, what will happen to next? Will she leave this town unscathed?  Is there something sinister at play here?!? Well, stayed tuned folks as the story continues!  (and I might actually weave this strand into her main story... kind of fan-based material.  this could be fun)
Hey guys, more Lynn sequences and such on the way.  I'm just working out the pencils first and having a slight artists lull..   
Annatha 10k b.c.e.
What you are seeing here is the goddess Annatha, preparing an area in a shallow part of a Martian ocean, which she had arranged for training purposes. We're not just looking at someone who is clearly enjoying being a female, but she is also one with the way of Power.  I don't have a name for this type of martial art or 'way' yet... however I can say that, it doesn't really have anything to do with fighting or militaristic discipline, but rather the intimate union one can develop with the unseen Power.  In this art it's all about the fine control and demonstration of such control with the immense ranges of this unseen power. The practice of this art promotes life, and longevity and not to mention physical immortality, based on the theory that the very nature of the living force is eternal.  She is using her intimate union with Power to push/cut the water away (even to the point of drying the tile stones as the water recedes!) in a finite controlled manner.   Annatha can keep this water circle opened for the duration of her training.

Yes, her story does indeed take place in ancient, ancient times and it does play a role in Lynn's epic.  I do like to interweave my stories when I can.  

This is an old pencil drawing that I just inked and painted. I always draw ancient mars with purple skies and purplish water, mainly to make it a visual difference from the earth based landscapes.


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No one called Jones
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
I was born in the 70's, and I've been drawing since i was 5. I create characters and epics/sagas.. the only thing left for me to do is to actually get something completed and published.
Hi, haven't done a journal in a while, here's what I was thinking about doing but haven't drawn much of yet and thank you for checking this out. Ahem:

Some of you who may like British style Wit and humor, may appreciate the following idea I am toying around with, although this type of humor most definitely doesn't preside with the British alone, (apologies to whomever), I cannot help myself, for you see, the madness of my creativity faculty is under the control of absolutely no one, least of all me. and I love parodies and paying homage to the greats.. etc etc..

I have a plan so subtle, you can put a bright yellow raincoat on it and call it a banana.

I'm thinking that Figit Dee, or Mister D, needs a 'pea-body', a sort of globular snot like creature resembling a crude but effective impersonation of the contents of someones handkerchief after a rather loud and productive blow.  This rather revolting idea of a creature, will be Mister D's servant and Mister D would be Lynn's servant- that is her magical servant.

For you see, Mister D's plight would be to ingratiate himself into the service of a human person, for the purpose of completing his trials as a magic ferret-dragon... whereas unfortunately, his Pea-Body, whom we shall call "Badgers", dreams to work his way up to the level of 'Git' but he can somehow manage to pull off magic, in much the same way a leper can somehow manage to pull off parts of their body.  But aside from that, Badgers is fresh out of Dragon- Magic school and you should be pleased to know, that he is the first in his class, which isn't much, considering he was the only one in his class.. but the less said about that the better.  This type of relationship, laced ever so subtly with banter, jokes and wit pertaining to perversions and innuendo, has potential for great appeal, I believe and hope.  Here is some of what I was thinking..

I have a Subtle plan to get you out of writing this journal.  In fact, if you got a moment, it is a plan so subtle that you can move to it, raise up a small town with kids and cattle, and six months later you could be dining in the mayors mansion drinking gallons of wine and eating all of finest Fillet Mignon the kingdom had to offer, while dozens of barefooted french peasant girls frolic up and down the hall singing "Oh What a Beautiful Morning", before it hits you..."This is a Subtle plan."

Title idea 1.) Stump and Circumstance

Lynn:  Oh, Mr. Dee, I don't want to be a lowly peasant girl forever, I want to find that perfect man who will come and sweep me off my feet!
Mr. D:  "Foot" ma'am. You want to find that perfect man who will sweep you off your 'foot'.
Lynn: OOOH Mr. Dee, you know what I mean... I just want to have that graceful dance in the middle of the Ballroom floor and he dips me back, and, well, I don't need to tell you what comes next (she grins)
Mr. D:  The vomiting?  
Lynn: Eew, no Mr. Dee! "The Kiss" of course.. (her eye gets all starry as she looks up, imagining)
Mr. D: Right, of course.  Madam, I'm afraid you have all the elegance of a Turtle Curling Team from Na pal when it comes to grace, and as for dancing, there are rocks in the Sahara desert who can dance better than you.
Lynn: Well yes, of course.. any bucket of slop will know that.. Hmm... there must be some way to help me.

Just then a blob of goo, creeps it's way down Lynn's forehead.  Lynn stiffens up in disgust...

Lynn:  (screaming) Oh my crap! W-W-What is that!??? Get it off meeee! EEEEEEEEK!
Mr. D: (in a raised but stern voice) Not to worry milady, it's just Badgers, my Pea-body. (Dee, walks up to Lynn's face and says to Badgers who is just    drooping there) Badgers, ffwhat are you doing on Miss Lynn's head?
Badgers: (in a real smug voice) I am demonstrating my subtle plan to get miss Lynn that gallant chap she always dreamed about.  (just then Lynn's face     turns into an 'aw' face)
Mr. D: I see
Lynn: Aw! good (sitting back and sighing), your pet bugger may have just saved me, Figit.
Mr. D:  I wouldn't get your hopes up too much Ma'am, Badgers' idea of a subtle plan is as subtle as a horse trying to pass itself off as a pianist by wearing a tutu.  But do go on Badgers, what have you got?
Badgers:  Well, I will attach myself to where her arm used to be, and I'll just hang there...
Mr. D:  (face down looking up through top of eyes)  I see, and how is this going to attract Lynn a gallant stallion of a man?
Badgers: (holding up 3 olive picks he says): With these Mister Dee. (Badgers then sticks them in the end of his elongated globular form)
Lynn: (holding up her shoulder stump) Hmmm.. nope, I don't get it.
Mr. D:  So, let me see if I can wrap my head around this, your subtle plan is to hang down off of her stump, looking like the worlds longest cave worm with 3     olive picks sticking out of your rough end? Well, you did it Badgers.
Badgers: (with smug cheesy grin) Aw thank you Mister Dee....
Mr. D: Please, let me finish.  Just when I thought you could not have gone any further past zero, you surprised me yet again.  I mean, how did you even get out of Magic-School.  There are blades of grass that blow about in the wind that come up with greater subtle plans than you do Badgers..
Badgers: Well I'm not finished.  You know how you're good at magic and what not?
Mr D: (under his voice) Yeeeees?
Badgers: Well I figured I can do up some magic and 'poof': I look just like her arm.
Mr. D:  "Poof" Badgers?  You coudn't go 'poof' if I turned you into gunpowder and hosed you with a flame thrower. 
Badgers: Oh yeah, that's right.
Mr. D:  (face palming) Ugh.. no, no, nice try Badgers, but it looks like I will have to come up with some subtle way to get, this lopsided mangy peasant girl the man of her dreams... perhaps then, I can graduate from human-services into the freer realm of planetary services.
Lynn: Oi, did you just call me mangy?  I'll have you know mister, that I'm a top notch sort of gal, any good man will see that.
Mr. D: Providing he was blind, milady, and had a fetish for danglely snotty things drooping from inappropriate places.. no no, I shall retire at once to my magical lair, ma'am, and work laboriously to outwit Badgers brilliant plan. (badgers and Mr Dee exit thru door)
(scene fades to black, only to have sign that says: 30 seconds later.  Figit and Badgers return)
Lynn: That was quick Mr Dee?
Mr. D:
  Yes milady, there are samples of undiscovered soil in the rain forest basin of the Amazon who can come up with a more subtle plan than Badgers, and I think I may have found the trick to help your appearance...
Lynn: (sitting up all eager looking) OH? go on! what is it? 

Then this is the idea he later comes up with in part- I will have to figure out a way to draw Badgers, so it looks like something real lowly.. just an idea.

Meet Figit Dee by DRagon-ArtWorks

You get the idea. It's not edited, and not refined, but might make for an interesting parody-like animation/play... ? or not.. 


Suppose for a moment, My Lynn saga/story was a done in any or all of the following formats manga/gnovel/animation Or otherwise completed- and you had access, would you be interested in reading/watching it? 

18 deviants said Yes, I would be very interested in checking her story out.
7 deviants said Well maybe, I'm notsure at this point.
No deviants said No, I woudln't be interested in her story


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