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An unexpected Trio
Lost in my thoughts as I usually am, I had not noticed them as I walked into the room and turned the corner, (gulp) this unbelievably gorgeous trio, standing there looking at me with those eyes, with such life in them!!... I mean, I hadn't even realized that they were amputees at that moment, for I have never before felt such fierceness and intensity emanate like that from such countenance.... Mein Gott!

For the life of me, I could not imagine anyone ever saying "no" to these girls, could you?
There's more.. something about the 'air' around these women.. I-I don't know what it was, it felt surreal, but I get the feeling they are far from the need of help.

((I hope you all like this- I think I held my breath the entire time I did the inking for this picture, for fear of making a blob or smudge. I'm sure you recognize these ladies- now they are in one photo together.. just think of it as a chance meeting, and perhaps unexpected friendships))
That moment when...
Toshi had just stepped out for a moment, when, while she was adjusting her position on the couch, Lynn moved her arm in such a way as to cause a major sprout of pain to shoot out... "I barely even moved it." she later thought, after bearing the pain.. unable to do much about it..

That moment when you move the wrong way.. and you're reminded very acutely, that your fracture is still on the mend
That awkward moment...
It was a tense moment, quiet and the room was awkwardly stuffy... the weather had been usually warm this past week, and Lynn was none too comfortable in her stuffy cast.. and now, her face flushed and felt as hot as her arm under that cast... she couldn't help but to feel like she was imposing... for they were talking about her. As if being this disabled wasn't limiting enough, the stiffness of the cast and the acute twangs of pain that echoed under the padding, and having that damn itch and no way to scratch it, only served to highlight just how much more limited she was... Still blushing, all Lynn could do was sit there.. staring at the floor.. and secretly, all she could hope for, was a chance to go through a dragon gate to the other side so she can train.. 

Toshi's sister Nina had not bore witness to Lynn's unimaginable destructive ability as Toshi had... He knew from the data collected on Lynn, years back, just exactly what she was capable of.. and this was from the safe distance of space and time.. and he knew that if her bone structure was fractured it would impede the ultimate potency of her ability.. but even so.. being this close to her.. staying, not only in the same room and house, but even the same region of the country.. gave him true pause for concern and not to mention, the ever present looming feeling of sheer horror...

That awkward moment when your sister just doesn't get it...
Help her?
Here's a fun day in the life picture (maybe a lazy Sunday morning?)- I'm not sure I like the way I drew her in this instance- but I decided to put it up anyways. 

So, care to help her cut and tie off her trouser/pant?  It would seem that her hair is a mess as well... she must have just woke up not too long ago...

Werden Sie ihr helfen? Ja oder nein? (Will you help her? y/n?)
Dramatic Poster for the Epic of Lenna
(tag line for series, think movie announcer voice when you read this)

She entered this realm on top of her game, at a time when the boundaries of reality were torn and the people of the world were left to deal with unimaginable challenges... She seemed to be the answer to a universal cry for help, but she was met with challenge after challenge, and trauma at every turn. To rise above this, she will have to fall... but how far will that take her?  Will her passion and fury be enough? 

In this Epic saga, blood will pool, tears will flow and unimaginable forces will shake the seams of reality...
Where will you stand, will you lend your heart for her..will you rally behind her? Will balance be restored?!?!

Coming Soon:
Das Epos von Lenna
(The epic of Lenna)

(apologies to any German speaking viewers if I got any of the language wrong. I spent 4 years studying German in HS and college level classes, which is why I like to go auf Deutsch every so often, however I'm not current with it.)


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No one called Jones
Artist | Professional | Other
United States
I was born in the 70's, and I've been drawing since i was 5. I create characters and epics/sagas.. the only thing left for me to do is to actually get something completed and published.
Hey gang,

Just wanted to post a note, hope you all like my story and art and other shit so far :D

Regarding art and story:
I definitely have more where that came from.. heaps more in fact, it's just going to take time

Regarding Story:
    I'm happy to say that recently I was able to timeline my whole series of sagas.. what a relief!  This shit has been in my head for decades- and I of course know the general procession of events but to actually get it down on paper in a timeline format.  Now I am in the process of finalizing (or fleshing out) the specifics.  I have refined things since 10 years ago.. since 15 years ago und so weiter..

    Why am I doing this (my sagas)?  Well it's simple really- I want to show myself I can do it, for one thing.  Secondly, I think, if the stories are conveyed properly, it will be a good series- maybe a series that a lot of people will enjoy.  Thirdly, when I envision these dramas, I already see them in my minds eye as animation and it drives me crazy not being able to transpose that onto a movie screen, sometimes static illustrations just can't capture how the scene would play out. Not only do I see the scenes, but I hear the sounds and music- MAN! if it's done the way I am envisioning it- it will be epic, and emotional as hell.. super tense scenes with kick ass bizarre f--king sound effects.. drives me crazy man! Not being able to get these scenes out..   Plus I'm trying to introduce something a bit new and different, to help give audiences a break from rehashed same old shit... I'm offering epics and sagas, and dramas, that I hope will whisk the viewers away in the currents of emotion like riding a comet.  That's how I'm seeing this in my head- lol.. oh and lastly- Inside my mind it seems like a long saga- but once i start plotting out the episodes I want to see if actually is epic? Does that make sense? The term epic is supposed to mean 'very long'.. lol like Epic Poems have over 200 verses to them.. that's Epic. 

Regarding Crew:
    Man! I wish I had a team!  Just a team, it's not asking too much.. The team should include: A handful of writers; a whole freaking department of editors (cuz baby, I needz 'em!); some background illustrators (preferably new up and coming artists who want to get there shit out there) maybe some digital artists who can work the Manga Studio side of things (only because I'm not set up for that shit now); Uh.. oh yeah, some freaking animators and voice actors!  And maybe a couple of Lawyers to handle copyright shit.. oh and a publisher.. someone who will get these stories printed

    And I'm still wrestling with HOW to portray the stories? I mean- damn! I can draw it, comic book it, graphic novel it- live action it, shit I can even see these stories as a CGI movie or a simple flash animation for crying out would sure be easier for my amputee characters doing CGI as opposed to digitally removing a live actors limbs.. (which I don't care how good they get at it, it's never going to be the same as an actual amputee).. so much to do.. so much to do..

You see, I have ideas, vision! Don't worry I'm not arrogant- I'm just super-excited.  I always had this dream of taking in new artists and creating new and different ways to show the story. My story world in fact, is made with new artists in mind! by new I mean artists who want to get their shit out there!  Think about it- it's an alternate reality earth.. you can have a chance to showcase your ideas (like clothing fashion, or vehicle design or gadget design, or some company name you envisioned..) in a world where you don't have to worry about the Brand Names we are all used to.  I'll give one example then I will stop- let's say there was no thomas edison, he got killed when he was five years old... so who got the credit for the light bulb? Tesla! DUH! LOL.. but let's say that Tesla was never shut down by fuck-face J.P Morgan (i'm buring typing that bastards name btw) well how would our world be today if Tesla's systems were refined and modernized?  YOU SEE! This world awaits you young creative artists and illustrators! Well, that was my dream anyways..

Okay, bye for now..



Suppose for a moment, My Lynn saga/story was a done in any or all of the following formats manga/gnovel/animation Or otherwise completed- and you had access, would you be interested in reading/watching it? 

16 deviants said Yes, I would be very interested in checking her story out.
7 deviants said Well maybe, I'm notsure at this point.
No deviants said No, I woudln't be interested in her story


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